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Welcome to Accredited Social Security Disability Representative Services for Rochester, NY Area

Being a Social Security Disability Advocate is much more than filling out an application for someone, and more than arguing a claim before a decision-making judge. Being familiar with Social Security laws, codes, rulings, their POMS (Program Operations Manual), or what is known as the Hallex isnít enough, either. Other components are the medical and vocational aspect and the list goes on.
You may have never heard of a particular diagnosis like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a psychiatric diagnosis, or CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) a physical diagnosis. You wouldnít know the possible ramifications that either of these may have on your ability to do work related activity. This isnít taught in law school, nor would you expect a doctor to be taught the Social Security Codes regarding entitlement of benefits due to the symptoms. Iíve successfully gotten benefits for many, people with each, or both, of these conditions. Some people are able to work with both of these impairments, which further demonstrates the importance of having a representative who understands the complexities of your claim and the Social Security Administrationís responsibility to determine if you are due benefits.

 Few individuals find their niche in life. However, Iíve been blessed with just that. After twenty years of working in a law office, my first priority was to obtain SSD (Social Security Disability} and/or SSI (Supplemental Security Income benefits) for those who were entitled. I can say with conviction that first and foremost this business is about people, their families, and their lives. This is why it is important to understand and have a working knowledge of all aspects of representing someone who depends on me for their future.

In November 2005, I successfully participated in Social Securityís Demonstration Project as defined within the Social Security Protection Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-203 Section 303) becoming eligible for Governmental fee-withholding. Requirements included that I pass a rigorous exam to prove I have a working knowledge of Social Securityís rules and regulations as well as a background check and several other requirements allowing me to become an ADR (Accredited Disability Representative). As such I agree to a strict ethical code. The overriding philosophy of an ADR is any action taken will be in the clientís best interest and will result in no harm coming to the client. As an ADR, I hold the client in the highest regard with the clientís welfare as the sole object of my efforts.

Your case is important to you. You want someone you can trust to do what should be done to be certain you have a favorable outcome. Thatís why so many former clients and professionals say, ďCall Mary PerryĒ, upon hearing someone admit they are no longer able to work.

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